Vehicle Restraints
kelley To effectively prevent dock accidents such as premature vehicle departure, vehicle creep (dock walk) and vehicle landing gear collapse, you need a Kelley vehicle restraint. Available in both mechanical and powered models, Kelley STAR® restraints and the unique Kelley Hidden Hook are at the forefront of technology, bringing you design simplicity, the fewest moving parts, minimal maintenance and easy operation. Product Submittal System

STAR® 1 Vehicle Restraint
A manually-operated restraint that offers excellent performance and value.

STAR® 1 Vehicle Restraint with TRUK ALERT®
Is the STAR 1 with the addition of manually activated LED interior/exterior communication lights.

STAR® 2 Vehicle Restraint
An exceptional value offering manual operation plus Kelley’s exclusive sensor bar and the industry's most effective communication system.

STAR® 4 Vehicle Restraint
Offers a higher level of automation and convenience with a powered restraining arm that raises and lowers automatically at the touch of a button; and a programmable logic controller (PLC) that offers more flexibility to meet the evolving needs of your facility.

HIDDEN HOOK™ Recessed Vehicle Restraint
A hydraulically actuated, recessed, non-impact vehicle restraint ideal for new construction or remodeling applications.

APS 2000 Vehicle Restraint
The APS 2000™ is a superior, impact-style vehicle restraint